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MySql::Data::MySqlClient::MySqlCommand Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file command.cs.

Public Member Functions

IAsyncResult BeginExecuteNonQuery ()
 Initiates the asynchronous execution of the SQL statement or stored procedure that is described by this MySqlCommand.
IAsyncResult BeginExecuteNonQuery (AsyncCallback callback, object stateObject)
 Initiates the asynchronous execution of the SQL statement or stored procedure that is described by this MySqlCommand.
IAsyncResult BeginExecuteReader (CommandBehavior behavior)
 Initiates the asynchronous execution of the SQL statement or stored procedure that is described by this MySqlCommand using one of the CommandBehavior values.
IAsyncResult BeginExecuteReader ()
 Initiates the asynchronous execution of the SQL statement or stored procedure that is described by this MySqlCommand, and retrieves one or more result sets from the server.
override void Cancel ()
 Attempts to cancel the execution of a MySqlCommand.
new MySqlParameter CreateParameter ()
 Creates a new instance of a MySqlParameter object.
int EndExecuteNonQuery (IAsyncResult asyncResult)
 Finishes asynchronous execution of a SQL statement.
MySqlDataReader EndExecuteReader (IAsyncResult result)
 Finishes asynchronous execution of a SQL statement, returning the requested MySqlDataReader.
override int ExecuteNonQuery ()
new MySqlDataReader ExecuteReader (CommandBehavior behavior)
new MySqlDataReader ExecuteReader ()
override object ExecuteScalar ()
 MySqlCommand (string cmdText, MySqlConnection connection, MySqlTransaction transaction)
 MySqlCommand (string cmdText, MySqlConnection connection)
 MySqlCommand (string cmdText)
 MySqlCommand ()
override void Prepare ()

Protected Member Functions

override DbParameter CreateDbParameter ()
override void Dispose (bool disposing)
override DbDataReader ExecuteDbDataReader (CommandBehavior behavior)


internal List< MySqlCommandBatch [get]
internal string BatchableCommandText [get]
override string CommandText [get, set]
override int CommandTimeout [get, set]
override CommandType CommandType [get, set]
new MySqlConnection Connection [get, set]
override DbConnection DbConnection [get, set]
override DbParameterCollection DbParameterCollection [get]
override DbTransaction DbTransaction [get, set]
override bool DesignTimeVisible [get, set]
 Gets or sets a value indicating whether the command object should be visible in a Windows Form Designer control.
bool IsPrepared [get]
Int64 LastInsertedId [get]
new MySqlParameterCollection Parameters [get]
internal bool TimedOut [get]
new MySqlTransaction Transaction [get, set]
override UpdateRowSource UpdatedRowSource [get, set]
 Gets or sets how command results are applied to the DataRow when used by the Update method of the DbDataAdapter.

Private Member Functions

internal void AddToBatch (MySqlCommand command)
internal delegate object AsyncDelegate (int type, CommandBehavior behavior)
internal object AsyncExecuteWrapper (int type, CommandBehavior behavior)
void CheckState ()
 Check the connection to make sure
  • it is open
  • it is not currently being used by a reader
  • and we have the right version of MySQL for the requested command type.

object ICloneable. Clone ()
 Creates a clone of this MySqlCommand object. CommandText, Connection, and Transaction properties are included as well as the entire parameter list.
internal void Close (MySqlDataReader reader)
internal long EstimatedSize ()
internal string GetCommandTextForBatching ()
void HandleCommandBehaviors (CommandBehavior behavior)
void Prepare (int cursorPageSize)
internal void ResetSqlSelectLimit ()
 Reset SQL_SELECT_LIMIT that could have been modified by CommandBehavior.
void TimeoutExpired (object commandObject)

Static Private Member Functions

static string TrimSemicolons (string sql)

Private Attributes

IAsyncResult asyncResult
List< MySqlCommandbatch
string batchableCommandText
internal AsyncDelegate caller = null
bool canceled
string cmdText
CommandType cmdType
int commandTimeout
MySqlConnection connection
MySqlTransaction curTransaction
bool designTimeVisible
internal Int64 lastInsertedId
MySqlParameterCollection parameters
bool resetSqlSelect
PreparableStatement statement
internal Exception thrownException
bool timedOut
long updatedRowCount
UpdateRowSource updatedRowSource

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